My Book Is Less Than A Buck, So Read It!

After thinking about it, I want more people to read my first novel, Emancipations! So I’ve decided to sweeten the pot, as it were – by dropping the price to 99 cents!

You, yes you, can get inside the head of a chronically depressed former alcoholic who works a dead-end job at a dying mall! For less than a can of soda, you can root for an abused queer teen trying to escape her house and survive at school! And for less than a cup of coffee, you can try to unravel the dark secrets behind a missing girl and how maybe, just maybe, she relates to the protagonist’s cloudy past!

What a bargain, am I right?

You can purchase it right now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or wherever other books are sold. And if you like it, please – write a review, even if it’s just a short little thing! They go a really long way towards driving the ol’ algorithm. Also, don’t hesitate to reach out on here and let me know what you think!

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy!


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