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Cooper Tire Europe presents all-season new Cooper cs5 Grand Touring

The European division of Cooper Tire presented a new development of the Discoverer family, suitable for installation on a wide range of crossovers and SUVs. The manufacturer claims that the Cooper cs5 Grand Touring tires are designed to be used both on paved roads and off-road in a ratio of 60% / 40%.

Despite all-terrain vehicle, all-weather Cooper cs5 Grand Touring tires are notable for low noise, which is provided by an improved tread pitch sequence and special protrusions in the shoulder areas. They create a sound barrier that prevents the penetration of noise into the car, thereby ensuring a quiet ride.

The carcass of new tires is reinforced with steel cord breakers, the strength of which is 37% higher than that of standard tires for SUVs, said technical specialist Cooper cs5 Grand Touring review . They increase the resistance of Cooper tires to damage and load bearing capacity.

The high silica compound provides excellent cut and chipping resistance. From undesirable consequences of contact with “aggressive” surfaces, Cooper cs5 Grand Touring tires are equipped with a raised border around the sidewall of the tire, which further increases resistance to damage.

Tires are designed for speeds up to 210 km / h and are available in various sizes, corresponding not only to large vehicles with a 4×4 wheel formula, but also to popular SUVs and crossovers of medium size.

In accordance with the European tire marking, all available sizes of Cooper cs5 Grand Touring are classified as “C” for wet grip.

Off-road Cooper cs5 Grand Touring tires are on the way.

Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. made a presentation of the premium light truck tire of the Discoverer family. The Cooper cs5 Grand Touring has replaced the all-season Discoverer STT, which differs from the three-layer design and the improved tread design.

Designed to provide superior grip, traction and handling in off-road conditions, Cooper cs5 Grand Touring tires also behave impressively on public roads, where they have smooth ride and low noise. The presence of silica in the rubber tread compound offers improved wet grip under all weather conditions. Special impurities in the rubber compound help minimize damage caused to the tread by stones and other road debris.

The angle of tread grooves also contributes to the rapid “rejection” of the stones, until they cause damage. Non-directional tread pattern cleans itself well of dirt, and lamellas of different depths provide additional traction on wet surfaces and slippery rocks.

External lugs guarantee maximum grip in dirt as well as on sloping surfaces. Reinforced sidewalls, created by Cooper Armor-Tek3 proprietary technology, increase wear resistance and durability of the Cooper cs5 Grand Touring tire, and special disc protection helps prevent wheel damage when driving in off-road conditions.